The Hitchhiker's Guide to Online Anonymity

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Large PRs

Please split large sets of changes into multiple PRs. For example, a PR that adds Windows 11 support, removes Windows AME references, and fixes typos can be split into 3 PRs. This makes PRs easier to review prior to merging.

For an example of what not to do, see: This PR contains enough changes to split into multiple smaller and individually-reviewable PRs.

Updating PRs

While a PR is being reviewed, modifications may be made to it by the reviewer prior to merging. If this is the case, a new branch will be created for the PR’s review. If you would like to submit a change to a PR that is in the process of being reviewed, do not update the PR directly. This will only cause merge conflicts and delay the PR from being merged. Instead, submit your changes to the PR’s review branch.

For an example of what not to do, see: Instead of submitting changes to the PR directly, they should have been submitted as changes to the PR’s associated review branch.

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