The Hitchhiker's Guide to Online Anonymity

The current maintainers of this project are Alex (they/them) and The Hidden (aka No).

After unfortunate events, we have picked up maintenance of this guide in order to continue the project the original founder, Lena, started. Lena faked her death, then returned later. Before her death, she gave me access to her accounts to maintain the guide. I will be maintaining her guide, as well as running her Matrix space, from this point. As we’ve said before, we cannot guarantee we’ll do everything right, or how she would have done it, but we’re trying our best.

Update: Alex is taking an extended leave to acquire a more secure operating system and will not be actively involved for some time. They promise to return ASAP. Until then, No is spearheading the operation, including translations and research.

Please share this project if you enjoy it and think it might be useful to others.

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